ios 12.1.2 update problem

Update iOS 12.1.2 problem : How to fix it

As far we know, recent Apple iOS update 12.1.2 is going from bad to worse for iPhone owner. From loss internet connection via cellular, until totally cellular network blackout. If you already backup your iPhone using cloud backup service, it should be no problem regarding your data. But, if you already update it before backing up your data, here is instruction how to fix it :

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free website backup recover data

7 easy step to backup website automatically

The hacking of the websites is common. The hackers hack several websites on the daily basis. The hackers gain the control over the website, and this may result in losing the data of the website. The hackers do not know the importance of the content that was created with such hard work. Some of the hackers enjoy while committing the cyber crime. 

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8 Easy Steps To Update WordPress 5.0 (Worry Free)

WordPress 5.0 just landed with a new post and page editor called Gutenberg. Because WordPress 5.0 is a major version release, you’ll want to have a proper update checklist in place so the update goes smoothly.

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business continuity

Five Things about Business Continuity

Bad things can happen to your company. If you don’t prepare your business continuity, you will lose everything in your business. The cyber attack, losing the key of employee, flood, and fraud management maybe happen in the business. No one can predict it will happen. No one also can control it. Read more

online protection

Why have third-party website backup is essential for your business?

Website backup and having the ability to restore the website if something goes wrong is essential. Things can go wrong and something goes wrong. To prevent your whole website and also entire business lost overnight because of any disaster, you must have good and independent backup. Read more

benefits of big data

Benefits of big data for Small Scale Business

In this era, data is a treasure for our business. Benefits of big data can make the rapid growth in the market. Data make a significant impact on the small scale business. Read more

business email why you need it

Business Mail Hosting , reason why need it ?

Business Mail Hosting is crucial if you still use shared hosting to run your online business. In contrast with use free email services, get the reason why you need to boost your email level.

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cloud backup windows

Automatic backup for your Windows 10 backup , Windows 7, and others

Windows 10 Backup, why and how ?

Does your windows 10 backup already setup properly ?
Do you ever stuck when your windows 10 update stuck ?
Have you ever your life ended when your deadline task gone because of viruses ?
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Drive Priority

G-Suite updates. New intelligent file suggestions and organization with Priority in Drive Beta

G-suite adding a new page in Google Drive’s left-hand navigation panel that helps you find and take action on the right Drive files at the right time. This Priority page uses machine learning to suggest files you might need to work on and has “workspaces” to help you organize files. Priority in Drive is initially available in beta. See below for more details Read more


Your data is secured.

When it comes to backing up  and have secured data, you want to be in control. Most of us have heard that data can be leaked, accidentally or not, or can be unlawfully obtained by criminals that want to exploit it. Read more