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Apa kata pelanggan kami ?

Comodo Free SSL from is really free !

When I develop my new site, I’m looking for free SLL solution. Then I found Let’s Encrypt Free SSL and start to install it, Suddenly, I found that offer free SSL from Comodo. I sign up in their client area, and everything done automatically. After done testing my new site, now, my site protected with wildcard SSL from Comodo.


Cheap And Best (y)

Cheap And Best (y)


Baru nyoba sih..semoga pelayanannya baik

Baru nyoba sih..semoga pelayanannya baik


Simplest way to backup website

With our website in continuous development stage, in day by day, I must do backup to prevent any disaster. Also, I must know what and which file that already changed. It really confusing and time consuming since there are many commit everyday and we are still implement different solution separately(rsync, git, slack, etc). But, now everything done automatically, and I only need to review it from one dashboard, plus I have ability to recover in any disaster/people mistakes easily with codeguard from Thanks !!!


Really save my business

At one a time, I had a problem with one of the machines that I managed. The linux server lost group and user file that cause system malfunction to boot. Fortunately, the machine has been protected with continuous backups. I only need to restore missing data, and the system returns to normal in a minute. Now, I can’t let any server without continuous backups.

Faizul Adib