Cloud Server

The simplest but powerful cloud server to accelerate your online business growth.
High performance | Tier-1 Bandwidth | Global datacenters | Highly Scalabe

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Simple and Affordable Pricing

Use this cloud server as part of your testing, production, and also disaster recovery plan. SSD powered cloud server, flat pricing, and available across global data centers: (Singapore, Amsterdam, New York, London, Frankfurt, San Fransisco, Toronto, Bangalore)


$ 7 /monthly

25GB SSD disk
1GB Memory
1TB Transfer



$ 14 /monthly

50GB SSD disk
2GB Memory
2TB Transfer



$ 22 /monthly

60GB SSD disk
3GB Memory
3TB Transfer



$ 30 /monthly

80GB SSD disk
4GB Memory
4TB Transfer



$ 60 /monthly

160GB SSD disk
8GB Memory
5TB Transfer



$ 110 /monthly

320GB SSD disk
16GB Memory
6TB Transfer


The Advantages of Cloud Servers

Accelerate Your Business As Fast As You Do

Reduce your expense and get flexibility and scalability using Cloud Server. Pay for what you use, and scale up on demand. Save substantial capital costs with zero in-house server storage and application requirements

99.99% Uptime SLA

If we fail to deliver, we’ll credit you for the amount of time that service was unavailable

Global Datacenters

Datacenters located around the world. Best latency to support your business.


Vertically scale your cloud server resources up or down based on your usage.

Enterprise SSD

We use enterprise-grade solid state disks (SSDs) to guarantee your business performance.

Enterprise KVM

We use enterprise-grade KVM hypervisors to improve your apps network and security.

40GbE Network

Best network speed and throughput for your business applications.

Instant Provisioning

Get up and running in seconds. Use your server the very second you need it.

Flexible Software Options

With full root access, install and customize any software that you need to optimize your business needs.

Simple Operations

Start, stop, reinstall, and rebuild your cloud server from your client portal at anytime to match your business needs.

Global Data Center

A redundant system of data centers in strategic locations

Reach more locations, faster, with the performance and reliability of a vast global infrastructure. Built to meet your needs for local access, low latency and business workloads.

Disaster recovery strategy

Instant Backup and Restore Procedures

Three simple step to do backup and restore your business apps. No need to buy additional hardware and software.

Backup Your System

Activate and configure your cloud backup policy on your system that you want to protect from your backup cloud console. System will do backup automatically.

Prepare your Cloud Server

To perform quick restore procedures, make sure that you always have on demand cloud server with cloud backup ready. Start from minimal, grow when you need.

Instant Recover When Disaster

Restore from a backup copy to your cloud server automatically using backup console. No need to reinstall OS and applications. All you need is just reconfig your ip address, and you can start verify your business apps.

Cloud backup And Business Continuity Solution

Start power on your cloud server now!