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7 easy step to backup website automatically

The hacking of the websites is common. The hackers hack several websites on the daily basis. The hackers gain the control over the website, and this may result in losing the data of the website. The hackers do not know the importance of the content that was created with such hard work. Some of the hackers enjoy while committing the cyber crime. 

Don’t put your website backup in the same location of your hosting.. No one can guarantee your data. You must have full control about your data and your business by separate your hosting and your website backup location.

Backing up your website that hosted on your cpanel hosting or plesk hosting, or using free vestacp hosting, helps you to safeguard against those threats. Use this website backup guide to help you through the process of saving website files and your online databases. Even if you are buy hosting only for email hosting. By knowing the importance of a backup, you will be more motivated to follow a regular backup schedule for your own website.

How to do backup website easily and automatically

Cloud backup solution can give you all the protection you need without any legwork on your part. Stop worrying about data loss. Cloud backup Website Backup service will help keep your data safe when servers crash, hackers attack, and malware makes the rounds. No need to do mysqldump mysql database manually,  or login to phpmyadmin to do database backup, or manually click cpanel backup or plesk backup, your backup should be done automatically. All you need just easy step, register your website, and cloud backup will backup your website and also backup your database automatically.

Here is 6 easy step to do complete backup of your website :

1. Register free cloud backup account

Get free cloud backup solution from  cloud backup. Or you can sign up using this direct link. Complete order step until finished, and you’ll see order confirmation page. This process is completely free and no need to input your credit card. 

2. Activate your cloud backup account

Second step is check your email for backup as a service activation email. Please click on activate account to continue.

Then you’ll be redirected to activate your account. Please fill your password and continue completing registration process by click activate account button.

3. Setup and register your website to configure your website backup

From your backup dashboard, to backup your website, select add button, and the select website from options. After it you can continue by fill your  website ftp/ssh/sftp username and password .

4. Add your website FTP/SFTP/SSH access to allow system do backup autimatically.

When ready, please do next step, and now fill in your mysql database username and password.

5. Add your mysql database to complete protection about your website data.

Make sure that you already allow remote host in your mysql configuration. Here is sample configuration how to open your database from all external host.

6. Setup your backup plan

When files ftp/ssh/sftp access and also mysql database already configured. The next step is to setup your website plan. You can setup your own backup schedule, and also how many data or retention you want to keep.  You can also add encryption, to achieve more protection about your data.

When everything is ok, you can click create and also start your first backup by clicking “run now” button.

7. Review your backup and make sure your data is safe

When backup is done by system automatically, you can review it from your dashboard easily.

If something bad happened, you can restore and do website data recovery with easy and normalize your website status by click recover button. You can do recover File or mysql database. Your database mysql backup, MyIsam backup and also Innodb backup also possibly to restore. All with just click, no more manual search your backup and upload manually again, and your website will be back in business in a minute. Very easy backup

If you have problem with your webhosting, you still able to recover your website fastly using our cloud server service and if you are using wordpress , you can recover your site using dedicated wordpress hosting service that give you best performance and security but in low price.