business continuity

Five Things about Business Continuity

Bad things can happen to your company. If you don’t prepare your business continuity, you will lose everything in your business. The cyber attack, losing the key of employee, flood, and fraud management maybe happen in the business. No one can predict it will happen. No one also can control it.

One thing that we can control is prepared to face it. Prepare the solution when it is happening in our business. As a business owner, we have to understand and think about the business continuity. There are 5 things about business continuity might help you to face the business problem.

Disaster Team

Disaster Team for Business Continuity

Is there a team involved to handle the disaster? In the emergency condition, people in the company shouldn’t have to wonder who’s in charge. The company should have a team that focuses on management disaster. These people will take responsibility to make an action plan to solve the disaster in the company. The team will be located in every location in parts of your organization. Either in Operation division, Marketing team, or supply chain company should make disaster team. The team also have to make sure in every situation the business will still running

Effective Communication is a must

Effective Comunication for Business Continuity

In Emergency Condition, effective communications can make the difference between panic and smooth emergency. The team must prepare a toolkit that covering the full range of communications channels, including email, internet, telecom, public address, and the company website. Also, create a draft sample emergency messages that can be updated quickly for an actual emergency. The disaster team should make sure deliver a consistent message to the public as well through our communication channel and press releases.

Make Sure Everyone Safe

Business continuity Communincation

One of the essential things in the company is to keep people safe. The disaster team should prepare tools like a fire extinguisher, glass breaker, or anything tools can resolve disaster. Make a simulation program for an emergency situation. The Local Red Cross or fire department in your city can give guidance or training for the program. Testing your procedure and make sure it can work for everyone in the company.

Proven and Detailed Procedure

Business Continuity

List all the worst case that will happen in your company. After that figure out the solutions. Make action plan what should do to maintain the business operation and all the equipment needed to recover it. Then, rate the priority of the recovery in business by putting the critical worst case that has a huge impact on business. The disaster team should make recovery point objective to make sure recovery running better.

Robust IT infrastructure

Robust Infrastruktur Business Continuity

Last important things are IT Infrastructure. Most companies in the previous decade using technology for their backbone of growth. Infrastructure must be tested in all condition and also in emergency situations. The company can have more than one data center to make sure data still be accessed seamlessly when another data center is broken.