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Why have third-party website backup is essential for your business?

Website backup and having the ability to restore the website if something goes wrong is essential. Things can go wrong and something goes wrong. To prevent your whole website and also entire business lost overnight because of any disaster, you must have good and independent backup.Things that may and do go wrong resulting in loss of your site data. This can include the hard disk drive on your server where your site is hosted may fail. Also, web hosts can go out of service and disappear overnight without warning.  Another issue is electric problems might result in data loss, and also buildings may burn to destroy your primary data also your backups.

Using cPanel and web hosting backup is standard

CPanel will let you do manual backup for your website or even a back from your databases. Performing backup is simple, you select a kind of backup at the control panel. The system will perform backup and you may download the file. You can restore the backup from Cpanel throughout the same interface. The way to perform a complete login into your site’s CPanel. The more backups the better for you. You must download generated backup and save in your local disk or another safe place.

Use third-party automated website backup is a must have protection

Having only Cpanel or hosting backup is good, but it cannot give you full protection for your business data and also protection about your business. You must add additional layer protection about how to do your own website backup independently using third party software to protect from Webhosting Failure, Data center disaster, data loss because of server corruption and data corruption, etc. For better management about your scripts, etc, you must make sure that your website backup supported as GIT model, so any changes in your scripts will be taken care of seriously.

Introducing Codeguard Website Monitor and Backup

codeguard website monitor and backupWith Codeguard website monitor and backup, your website scripts will be snapshot every day ( based on your custom configuration). Codeguard will send logs and also report if any changes. Also, your website data will be saved in a very safe place which is Amazon S3. Amazon S3 has a durability of 99.999999999 % so this storage location is best option to ensure your business.

Here is some key strength of protecting your site using Codeguard :

  1. Protect from the hacker, malware, and security hole
    Codeguard protecting you from all kind of hacker, malware, and also your web hosting security hole in 5 minutes, because it can revert any changes to your website server with easy. So, your business will able to continues the operation like a normal condition. But in the background, you have more time to analyze log, working on the patch, and doing a repair of your website hole.
  2. Day by day logging for your website backup
    codeguard-weekly-summary-changesTo comply with audit rules, any changes to your website should be day by day logged for any changes. We recommend you to backup your website for your audit, and also your security purpose. This activity prevents any data loss, give you first protection regarding hacker and cracker, and also to make sure that you’ll not out of service once disaster happened.
  3. Easy and simple monitor for any changes
    Monitor your big website can be full-time jobs and also seize your time. But don’t do the backup, increasing the risk that you must prepare when it is regarding your business. You can lose your opportunity, lose your trust, and also lose your customer.
  4. Recover anytime, anywhere, anyplace
    website backup restore optionWith flexible and simple recovery options, we can make sure that you are able to resolve or get your website data as soon as possible. From access file directly and downloading them manually, you can download, and re-upload to your website server. You can re-upload using FTP and SFTP. Another option is you can use automatic recovery option, that recovery directly based on timestamps of backup that you need to restore.

With all kind of protection and also full of features, this website backup solution offered at a very affordable price. Please check and see plans and pricing in this url: Codeguard website monitor