business email why you need it

Business Mail Hosting , reason why need it ?

Business Mail Hosting is crucial if you still use shared hosting to run your online business. In contrast with use free email services, get the reason why you need to boost your email level.

Using free email accounts doesn’t look very professional, credible or trustworthy. If you create an email account for your business using your domain name, you’ll have a professional email address that instills confidence in your customers and builds brand credibility.

Business Mail Hosting reason

Having custom email addresses is a smart move for several reasons:

  • Professionalism. A branded email makes you look professional in front of the public. It better represents the norms and practices of your business, creates a positive image for your company and makes it more memorable.
  • Branding. A custom mailbox is a part of your brand; therefore, if done correctly, it helps you promote your business, not to mention it enforces brand awareness and helps people identify you.
  • Flexibility and control. The email aliases that you set up will help you quickly read and reply to all emails from one place instead of logging into different email accounts. You can also easily set up and delete more custom aliases as you hire more staff when you use business mail.
  • Marketing. Having a Gmail or Yahoo email address for your business is equal to promoting someone else’s business on your back. Having your email address will set you apart and maintain your professional image. 
  • Credibility. While in today’s internet world, trust is tough to gain. Therefore, enterprises utilize all possible ways to win over their customers’ confidence. Imagine your recipients see an email like; they can quickly think of it as spam and ignore it as anyone can set up an email like that for 10 seconds. The recipients will never be confident that you are who you say you are. As a result, brings trustworthiness and increases your credibility.
  • Improves results. Having a business email address decreases your chances of your emails being filtered in the spam folders. When you open your spam, you will notice that most of the emails there come from and accounts. Having an email that contains your company’s domain makes it more recognizable.
  • Email aliases. Customized mailboxes give you the opportunity to select email aliases that will direct the messages from various mailboxes to one mailbox. Thus, you can have departments like,,, etc. and organize the emails coming through, from one single inbox.
  • Improves communication. With a branded email address, people can easily recognize you and decide within seconds if they want to open it and engage with you. It is also easier for people to find your email and contact you

Above all is the reason why you must use business mail hosting. If you need business mail hosting, have the best plan that meets all the goal above. Please check business mail hosting solution here.