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Automatic backup for your Windows 10 backup , Windows 7, and others

Windows 10 Backup, why and how ?

Does your windows 10 backup already setup properly ?
Do you ever stuck when your windows 10 update stuck ?
Have you ever your life ended when your deadline task gone because of viruses ?
Did you remember when last time you do your Windows 10 update ?

How to setup automatic backup Windows 10

This documentation relation to Windows 10, but also cover to another Windows and Windows Server version.

How to do automatic backup for your windows system, so you have protection about Windows 10 update stuck, and when it happened, you have windows 10 iso that you can use to reinstall windows 10 ? So, you not only have backup tools for free, also, you have cloning software for free because you can use this software to clone your Windows for future use. So anytime you have problem with your Windows, you have no worry about how to reinstall, just restore from your clone backup, and your Windows should be back in place.

  1. Download free Windows 10 backup software agent from your backup portal . Go to “Add Devices” menu and then click Windows. Download progress will be started soon.  If you not register yet, you can register at continuous data protection solution here.
     add windows to automatic backup
  2. When download done, please execute that downloaded file. Please click “Install”
    backup Windows 10 progress bar
  3. System will automatically install and configure your system. Please be patient.
    windows cloud backup install
  4. Once installation is completed, it’s now time to register your device to the cloud. Just click “Show registration info” link bellow.
    register backup windows 10
  5. Registration Info popup will be shown and display registration code. Just write or copy your registration code.
    Registration info backup windows 10
  6. Back to your backup portal  , after that click “Add Device” button again
    add device backup
  7. Now, since you already download your software and already have a code in step 6, please choose to register your backup via code . Click “Register” button now.
    backup register via code
  8.  Paste your windows 10 backup registration code here.
    backup registration code
  9. After pasteing your code, you’ll be directed to confirmation page about your registration. Please review your Machine name,  after that please click “Confirm Registration”
    Confirm backup registration
  10. That’s it, your system registered to cloud backup successfully, now enable your backup.
    enable backup windows 10
  11. Once you have enable backup, you’ll able to customize about your Windows 10 backup here.
    customize windows 10 backup
  12. Once it done, system will automatically do backup in background and continuous backup will protect your system automatically


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